Save Our City: 8 Point Program for the 99%

  1. Affordable Housing for All
    1. Accelerate affordable housing construction 
    2. Fight wrongful evictions & moratorium on speculative development
    3. Fund the Small-Sites Acquisition Program and other initiatives to protect existing affordable housing
  2. Budget to Prioritize People & Neighborhoods
    1. Fully fund human services, tenant legal protections, and other vital human services
    2. Provide cost-of-doing business increases to city-funded non-profit organizations to increase wages
    3. Develop equitable arts budget to protect San Francisco’s unique cultural heritage
  3. Safe Streets & a Stronger Muni
    1. Improve funding for Muni by making Downtown pay its share
    2. Equitably fund improvements to transit lines serving the most transit-dependent
    3. Lead the nation in Vision Zero: the goal to end all traffic fatalities by 2024
  4. Right to Public Education
    1. Save City College and the opportunities it provides
    2. Strengthen funding of K-12 Public Schools and close the academic achievement gap
    3. Expand bi/multilingual teaching to reflect diversity and provide students new opportunities
  5. Improve Public Health
    1. Provide resources to enroll ALL in Healthy San Francisco
    2. End restaurants’ practice pocketing of health care fees for profit over health care
    3. Fully fund recommendations of Food Security Task Force to End Hunger in 10 years
  6. Permanent Status for Immigrants
    1. Halt all deportations & full enforcement of SF’s Sanctuary City Ordinance
    2. No collaboration with  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
    3. Direct city departments to open services to immigrant San Franciscans
  7. Safer Neighborhoods Through Accountable Policing
    1. Institute community policing for safer neighborhoods and body cameras on all cops
    2. Outside, impartial and transparent investigations of disputed police fatal incidents
    3. Increased training in cultural, ethnic, physical & mental diversity to treat all with dignity
  8. Create Living Wage Jobs & Protect Worker’s Right to Organize
    1. Support workers’ rights to collective bargaining, enforce City card-check/neutrality agreements
    2. Rebuild city’s infrastructure to create construction jobs
    3. Enforce and expand existing rules on minimum wage, sick leave, first source hiring, and project labor agreements


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  • commented 2015-08-28 13:51:52 -0700
    This all looks good except for this building height limit.
  • commented 2015-08-22 00:14:26 -0700
    Four to five story height limits are required if residents want the option of becoming truly energy independent by installing self-sufficient solar power rooftop systems. Towering high rises and tall trees cast shadows on rooftops. Shadows limit production capabilities. Fog is no problem but shadows are.
  • commented 2015-06-12 23:42:14 -0700
    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Camilo and I am the Volunteer Coordinator I was asked to send a message by Francisco Herrera and Miguel Perez.
    Two things
    1) We need 10-15 volunteer on Sunday for the street fair located on Haight street from 11am-5pm. The meeting point will be Haight and Cole at 11am.
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    Save Our City: 8 Point Program for the 99%
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    Save Our City: 8 Point Program for the 99%
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