Meeting Notes - April 12


  • Candidates
  • Intros
  • Jose Luis Gongora killing by SFPD
  • Appsivist app
  • Josh Wolf housing issue
  • Conclusion & Commitments


Ken Loo: running for State Senate against Kim & Weiner, wants our endorsement.  Background: works in Contra Costa as a fire captain, has small consulting business in SF.  Lives in Outer Richmond.  Issues: less government, controlled growth, guaranteed minimal services. Backed by Charles Munger $4200, other small donations from SFGOP Central Committee.  Kasich supporter.  May back us on housing.  Not on Ellis Act.  Left halfway thru meeting.  Suggested we join SF Civil Grand Jury.

Darcell Jackson: running for D-9 Supervisor against Ronen, Lindo, Arce and others.  $10 campaign contribution max.  On SF Shelter Committee (?)  Formerly homeless for 8 months, pulled himself out of it without help.  Believes in “hug them to death” not police violence.  Wants 40% affordable housing.  Developed homeless resource app.  Darcell stayed for entire meeting and contributed to discussion.

Intros:  present were Josh Wolf, Joanne, Ryan, Ken Loo, Shirley Huey, Marianne-Christian-Crystal of Appsivist, Darcell Jackson, John Mark, Chuck Newell, Michaela, Kai, George, Eric Brooks, Kay Griffin, Francisco Herrera, David Carlos Salaverry, Magick Altman, Esteban.

Jose Luis Gongora Killing by SFPD Discussion:

  1. Eric: Supes Peskin, Mar, Kim and others say “We don’t know yet what action we will take.” Unacceptable.  We need to pressure them to take a strong stand.  We need a serious campaign for police disarmament.
  2. Kai: concerns re Nav Center.  It’s a Mayor Lee ploy.
  3. David Carlos:  Watch Democracy Now! segment with Rebecca Solnit and Adriana Camerena.  Wed actions, 11am City Hall press conf. w/Adachi and JMWC.  12 noon Chief Suhr community meeting.  5:30 Police Commish hearing City Hall.
  4. Darcell Jackson: shelter issues.  Homeless not lazy.  $62 month GA, food stamps, it’s not a cushy life.  Down on luck, need help.  70% are previously housed San Franciscans.
  5. Francisco Herrera: Gongora was priced out of Van Ess apt.  Wrong terminology, not “homeless” but and “evictee.”  There is no right to evict, especially not vulnerable seniors and others.
  6. Magick:  Stay in touch with grief and pain of Gongora killing.  Anger is ok, but not dehumanizing others.  Don’t call them a-holes.  Gongora was Mayan, they have a saying, “I am another yourself.”  Discussion with cops at last commish meeting after video shown of defusing knife wielder, they said the British cops were “just lucky.”  One Shotwell witness is 8 months pregnant with twins.
  7. George: Killing disruptive to community.  Homeless problem is systemic.  Offshore money bubble driving speculation.  It will crash.  Need to curb speculation, create ownership for homeless.
  8. Josh Wolf: met today with Calvin Welch and others.  He said, “Same thing happened to Japanese in SF.  Displacement is all American.” We need to demand Gascon press charges.  We have new policies, they are not being implemented.  Push for minimal force.
  9. Kai: just saw an eviction nearby today.
  10. Magick: GoFundMe campaign for new tents.
  11. Chuck Newell: been anti police activist since 2009.  No one believed it then.  Now they do.  Cops have low IQ.  And they’re vicious.
  12. Ken Loo: join the Civil Grand Jury.
  13. Shirley Huey:  SF is known for progressive psych intervention policies.  Not being used.
  14. Esteban: massive civil rights violations.  Need independent investigation.
  15. John Mark: agree with Eric, disarm cops.
  16. Ethan: (late arrival) that won’t happen, they won’t disarm.
  17. Joanne: are there any electeds in City Hall on our side?
  18. Kai:  I’m pissed. Disarm cops.  There was a police surveillance drone watching me during Saturday march.
  19. David Carlos:  Action items a) recall Mayor Lee, b) teams to intervene during homeless sweeps, at least as observers and videographers.
  20. Maryanne: keep Gongora eviction in the news.
  21. George: renters are next, inform them.

General consensus on potential action items:

  • Attend police commish and other actions coming up
  • Support GoFundMe for tents
  • Reach out to homeless with love
  • Join Civil Grand Jury
  • Fight eviction
  • Recall Lee campaign
  • SFPD disarmament campaign
  • Find City Hall allies (Avalos, Campos, Hwang & De Jesus on Police Commish suggested)
  • Monitor and intervene during encampment raids, film them


Maryanne, Christian and Crystel presented, all UCB researchers.  Maryanne also works with Eviction Free SF.  

Appsivist is an activist tool with several components; brainstorming, decision making, proposals, mobilization, visualization, mapping, versioning, etc.  Appsivist is in early beta not on mobile, currently on web only with working modules for proposals and decision making.

 The team wants to work with Peoples Campaign collaboratively as early adopters.  There may be a $1000 grant available for us as testers.  There was general discussion about the app itself, as well as discussion as to whether we should engage.  The pros were: the grant money, the possibility of using the app to communicate with those who could not make meetings, etc.  The cons were: it’s a distraction from the work of the group on police and other issues, some prefer human touch meetings, the app may be too complicated, we can cover organizational challenges more simply.

A general consensus was achieved: we will hold off on the decision for now, if we do decide to engage we will not use the app for critical issues like police violence, rather for less volatile issues with general agreement already in place about where we’re going.

Josh Wolf Housing Crisis

Josh’s building being purchased by Dirty Dozen serial evictor.  Josh had run ins with the man, he was evasive about plans.  Building in escrow.  No offer made to tenants.  Josh is working with Eviction Free SF.  Josh asks that Peoples Campaign support him, and for use of email list.

A general consensus was achieved: that Josh has approval to use email list, that People’s Campaign will not be tip of spear (EFSF has it covered) but that we support our brother in his fight against eviction.


The attendees made the following commitments re Gongora killing by SFPD.

Magick: will attend Police Commish and be on next steps mailing list (NSML).  Ethan: will try to make Police Commish, red paint on site of killing.  Kay: can’t make commitment.  Eric: will work on disarming police, reach out to electeds at City Hall, on NSML.  George: can’t commit to direct action, want to work on systemic housing issues.  Michela: no direct action, will try to make meetings Wed.  Chuck: commit to all Wed actions, will visit and care for Gongora altar.  Kai: will watch Democracy Now, on NSML, try to make Wed meets.  Darcell: will make all 3 Wed meets, on NSML, work to disarm police.  Christian: no direct action, on NSML.  Crystel: no direct action, on NSML.  Maryanne: will work on Josh's case with EFSF, will ask Anti Eviction Mapping to do videos.  Shirley: no Wed meetings, on NSML.  Francisco: want to work with 6 families burnt out recently.  On NSML.  Will work on disarming police and on recalling Mayor Lee.  David Carlos: on NSML, will work on recalling Mayor Lee, at all 3 meets Wed.  Joanne: on NSML.  Josh: on NSML.

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