February, 9, 2016 — Structure Team Meeting Notes

*Community Agreements Change

  • Change wording on one point from: Focus on action instead of description
  • To: Be solution oriented.

**Discussion of whether or not to record video and/or audio at large group forums

  • While video/audio recordings of PC large group meetings are beneficial in that they help preserve the history of the PC movement and help those who cannot attend meetings stay connected to the group, our main priority is to maintain a circle of trust within the group. 
  • At the start of each PC large group meeting we will ask our members if any of them object to being recorded. Any members who are not comfortable with being recorded will be encouraged to voice their objections. 
  • Video and/or audio recording will not happen at any meeting if member(s) objects to being recorded.
  • Look toward finding alternative ways to bring those who cannot attend meetings into the fold. Perhaps a text based chat forum/google doc
  1. Set Agenda for 2/17/16 large group meeting (see agenda below)
  2. Facilitation of future meetings: Any PC group member who wishes to facilitate a large group meeting is required to attend the PC Structure Team meeting prior to the large group meeting he/she wishes to facilitate.
  3. Projects:
  • All projects to be added to the agenda for the next large group meeting 02/17/16 will be required to have a completed proposal. 
  • Proposal forms will be emailed ASAP and will include the following:
  • What is the project?
  • What is the project objective?
  • What kinds of support do you need?
  • Who are the people affected by the project?

Next Structure Team meeting is @ 5pm 02/17/16  Location TBD

PC Forum dinner @ 6:30pm – meeting starts at 7pm Location TBD

Co-facilitators = Shannon & Justin 

Shannon will secure a space(s) for meetings on 02/17/16

Food may be provided by Justin?

PC Large Group Agenda – 02/17/16 

  1. Introductions
  2. Finalize the Community Agreement*
  3. Audio/Video recording discussion**
  4. Project recruitment small (3 members?) group sessions
  5. Presentation of completed project proposals
  6. Announcements

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