February 1, Meeting Notes

People’s Campaign Forum Meeting · February 1, 2016 · Notes


Agenda Item I: Introductions

  • Suggestion: to pick forum facilitators prior to the start of the meeting from within the large group.
  • Suggestion was made, PC group member is interested in facilitating a meeting --speak with a PC Structure Team member prior to the start of the meeting to make that request 
  • Hand signal explanations
  • Meeting documentation discussion: Video recording of meetings.  
  • Two members do not want meetings to be recorded on video or audio. Too much of a security risk. 
  • In order to facilitate trust within the group it is decided that video cameras and audio recording devices will be turned off for this meeting
  • Discussion regarding whether or not to record future meetings will be discussed/reviewed at next meeting. 

Agenda Item II: Community Agreement Review

Question: What type of consensus process will the group be using 80% / 20% or super majority?

  • It is determined that since there will be no major decisions made at this meeting, the use of consensus is not necessary at this time. 
  • The structure team was formed to take care of the PC structural elements to avoid over burdening the general meeting. 
  • Since most members are part of other groups such as Black Lives Matter etc. It is important to take time to review the PC Community Agreement and build trust within the membership. We are building a long term plan (50 plus years).
  • Community Agreement will help the group figure out how to make the PC work as an umbrella campaign providing support to other groups such as Mario Woods – BLM, Save Midtown etc.
  • To ensure no group member’s voices are left out we must go over each point in the community agreement.
  1. Speak honestly, openly and from a felling place as well as from a practical or intellectual perspective.

Be brief and sty on topic

Use speaking time considerately and avoid making speeches.

Consider writing down your thought before sharing it. 

Use “I” language and avoid speaking in absolutes

Be clear and direct.

Express agreement with an idea without repeating what has been said.

Critique ideas not people 

Don’t yuck someone’s yum

Focus on action instead of description

  • There is a question regarding the last point: Focus on action instead of description
  • Suggestion made to remove this point
  • Suggestion made to leave it in but reword it: Be solution oriented in discussion and avoid focusing on descriptions of the problem & it’s effects
  • Suggestion: Focus on action when action is needed
  • Suggestion: We need to decide as a group whether we are action oriented group or a consciousness raising group
  • Question: How do we run a meeting that builds trust and makes all members comfortable to speak out without being ridiculed?
  • Suggestion: the Community agreement is a beautiful document however it may be too complex—perhaps make the process simpler.
  • Suggestion: Change to read: Keep statements more solution oriented.
  • It is decided to revisit the wording of this point with the Structure team


  1. Listen actively, listen for feelings as well as content, listen with your full presence and attention

Respect other’s identity and be aware of your own privileges.

Avoid interrupting.

Minimize device use during meetings


  1. Consensus asks us to put aside our egos, our need to win and to be right and open our ears to listen, to appreciate the contributions of others and to co-create solutions to your problems.
  • Suggestion regarding Consensus: If we all cannot decide then we must put to vote
  • It is decided to address the Consensus process at a later meeting


Agenda Item III: Projects update

  1. Teach ins: Policy & Politics- (Shannon)

Government is complicated let’s use teach ins as a social re-enfranchisement tool to educate members of the greater community and bring them into the PC fold. There is so much that can be done with a collective voice.

Question: Will we be doing these teach-ins within the PC group and then do outreach?

  • Yes hold Teach-ins at libraries around the city
  • Two outreach events in the planning stages
  1. SuperBowl related – (Yasmine)

No time to plan events to protest Superbowl

Suggestion: join already scheduled events hosted by other groups ie: Homelessness march 4:30pm 020416 start at Sinbads on embarcadero

Form a Consciousness raising group that meets monthly to watch documentaries etc.

  1. Affordable Housing – AHBP (Francisco)
  • Affordable Housing Bogus program is a giveaway to investors
  • We need to show up to all the AHBP related planning meetings 
  • We need to stop & replace the AHBP with a plan of our own creation to better address affordable housing 
  • Look into the homefullness project: http://www.poormagazine.org/homefulness
  • Go to www.peoplescampaign.org for update on the next SF Planning meeting dates & times.
  1. Student Outreach (?)

Members not present at this meeting – will address at later meeting 

Student outreach is very important Jay M gave name of SFSU staff to contact regarding student outreach.

  1. Board of Supervisors Elections (Eric)
  • Since there is no direct democracy process currently in San Francisco city government we need to establish a veto proof progressive majority in the SF Board of supervisors that means 6-8 progressive Supes.
  • Need to teach those who intend on running for SF supervisor how to use the ranked choice system
  • Question: Can we broaden focus beyond BO Supes to School Board & College board? 
  • It is suggested that election support beyond BO Supes be a new project. 
  • Suggestion: Only support Senatorial race candidates who agree to repeal the Peace Officers Bill of Rights.
  1. Democracy OS Software testing (Josh)
  • Direct & participatory Software- every piece of major legislation is put up on the PC website for vote. 
  • Represents Sunshine government vs shadow government
  • Concerns raised that it can easily be coopted by adversaries.
  • Move forward -BETA software so start out simplest tools and experiment with democracy.
  1. Tiny Houses (Shannon)
  • Homefullness: tiny houses for people who need them 4’ X 8’ shelters
  • Meeting with Tech Shop set up for Feb 21, 2016 repurposing google boxes into homes
  • Company building tiny homes using repurposed materials in Oakland 
  • Micro Habitat for Humanity!
  1. Editorial Project – People’s Press (Josh)
  • Due to lack of accurate reporting on activities of local government establish an information driven arm of the PC separate from PR campaign
  • Content driven – on home website
  • Works in conjunction with Democracy OS
  • Aggregation of content created by other media 
  • Suggestion: create a secondary website and/or take advantage of Public Access 
  • Suggestion: create a voice for people in poverty. “Poor People’s Network”
  1. Supervisor District 11 ( Francisco)
  • There is resistance among the (Ammiano) establishment aids to run 2 candidates as a team. Make sure that all involved understand that running two candidates is a powerful tool
  • Question: How does running only 2 candidates (as opposed to 3) in ranked choice system work?
  • 2 works the same as 3.
  1. Communication Strategy (Estaban)
  • Create a team to get information out to the people using video /audio. Since SF media did not cover for example the Vote 1-2-3 candidates & social/political issues in SF we create our own information infrastructure
  • Since this is parallel to the Editorial project, it is decided to combine these two efforts. Details to be worked out offline
  1. Counter Police Commission
  • Since our current police commission are not accountable to the people of SF we need to create a Police counter commission made up of citizens who understand the laws and constraints of the SFPD. Also will support the demands of the Mario Woods Coalition.
  • One idea is to fine Police for each shooting/infraction
  • Suggestion: Propose a different name
  • Suggestion: Since taking on the POA is a huge undertaking identify the members of SPUR and put pressure on them
  • Suggestion: Put pressure on State elected reps (Mark Leno) to repeal the Peace Officers Bill of Rights

Agenda Item IV: New Projects

  1. Hold a Leno / Kim debate
  2. Form a consciousness Raising Group (Yasmin)
  3. Homefullness  (Tiny)- Force local government take possession of and purchase abandoned properties turn them into housing for unhoused residents. There are currently 35 parcels of land in SF that are eligible for such a program http://www.poormagazine.org/homefulness
  4. Barry Hermanson for Congress (Barry). Running against Nancy Pelosi. Through voter registration/ information & turnout gain enough votes to force Nancy Pelosi into a public debate. A real election for congress.
  5. Remove corporate names from SF General Hospital (Sasha). General Hospital is the people’s hospital and should not be named for Wells Fargo, Mark Zuckerberg or Bank of America
  6. Ask Mayor Ed Lee for $40 million for small parcel acquisitions in Bayview/Mission/Western Addition (Jay) 
  7. Campaign & Candidates information group – Will host debates and put out legislative report cards. (John M)
  8. Form a Media/PR team (Eric)


8:45 PM Agenda Item V: Announcements

9:00 meeting adjourned

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