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    P.S: – This is a onetime email, and if you are not interested, just reply with “Unsubscribe”, and we’ll not contact you again.
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    I don’t have a cell phone so you should call me at my land line which the number I give now @8316595534
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    Chasing cars, brothers and sisters. You’re chasing cars.

    Go for the meat. Go for land values.

    Turn SF into a whole county community benefit district and tax the daylights out of land values.

    That will end land speculation. Raise gobs of revenue. Raise wages because land owners will have to put their land to work.

    The Commons SF – Home

    Are you prepared to participate in a pow-wow of non-profits willing to discuss coalescing behind a supervisorial candidate platform for one or more SF districts? That platform would be one which was dedicated to liberating minds and hearts from the belief that land values belong to private parties.

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    Francisco! My husband Paolo and I lived a few doors down from you and Betty in the ’80s and ’90s. Your children and our children were quite young then. So were we! Anyway, I wanted you to know this: Since we have learned that you are running for mayor, we have texted, emailed, and phoned all the SF voters we know urging them to vote for you. Paolo and I and four of our children will cast votes for you today. We all sincerely hope that you become the next mayor of San Francisco. We need a leader like you who understands the central importance of the arts and also advocates genuinely for those least able to advocate for themselves. Good luck today, Francisco!
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    My name is Douglas Zimmerman, photo editor of the .  We are going to do a gallery of the candidates for mayor of San Francisco and I was wondering if you had any photographs that you could share from your campaign and 2 or 3 of the main issues you are running on for your campaign?  We are hoping to run the gallery on on Monday.
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    Hi Francisco – my name is David. I’m one of the co-founders of

    Fixed is an app that helps the citizens of SF contest their parking ticket.

    Last month, the SFMTA worked with Xerox to block our access to their website.

    Last week, we asked our users to Tweet at Mayor Lee and make him commit to putting more SFMTA accountability in place.

    We did not hear a response yet, so we did a follow-up blog post today

    I was wondering if you had a position on the SFMTA and parking fine accountability promise that we could pass along to our users.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    -David Hegarty
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    You oppose the resolution on the City’s immigration policy saying, “What we need is to strengthen sanctuary.” One person is already dead and many others have been victimized by the very people you are trying to protect. Do you know what the word “illegal” means? Why not focus on making these individuals legal citizens? As a long-time native of San Francisco, I am appalled by the stance taken by you and your fellow advocates. When are you ever going to look at the ramifications for those people who have lived here all their lives and slaved to make this City what it is? How about taking care of the people who are here legally? You need to get a clue Mr. Herrera. (If you are truly fair and believe in equality, you will publish this on your website, which I doubt. You and your contemporaries are all about free speech as long as it is what you want to hear. The minute someone disagrees you label them as racist, homophobic, etc. )
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    HI I am a reporter for KPFA News and would like to interview you – could we please set up a time for today monday after three? This is my second attempt to contact you!
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    HI I am a reproter for KPFA News and would like to interview you – could we please set up a time for today or monday?
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    Hi Mr. Francisco,

    I met you a couple years ago at the procession for Sandra Cuadra, my partner is Vanessa Camarena who works at Studio Grand in Oakland. We’re having a photo exhibition closing at her space and wanted to see if you can possibly perform at 7pm on Friday? We have a stipend of $100 and can also offer any photo needs you have for your campaign, headshots, etc. We will have someone filming and taking photos at the event as well so if you need extra media for the campaign that can help as well. Let me know what works as I know you are super busy. Feel free to contact me by phone or email. Thank You! And soo happy you are running for mayor!!-Jean
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    Dear Francisco Herrera,

    My name is Morgan Aitken-Young and I am one of the co founders of the SF local chapter of Represent Us. I am reaching out to you because our chapter is releasing a press release today and asking you, as a candidate for mayor, to consider endorsing our organization. The document is attached, and contains all the background info on who we are and how we want to change the SF political scene to reduce corruption. We are a non partisan group focused on tackling one huge issue: getting money out of politics.

    For now we are endorsing prop C, asking mayoral candidates to endorse Represent Us, and drafting custom legislation (based on the American Anti Corruption act) to introduce to SF voters next year.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to pursue an in person conversation. I will be at the mayoral debate at UCSF tonight passing out the press release in person.

    Many thanks,


    Personal contact info: (510)862-7008

    Press release:

    SF Represent.Us Calls for Ethics Reform From Mayoral Candidates

    Officially endorses Proposition C, asks for candidates to take a stance on Represent.Us initiative

    San Francisco – October 8, 2015 – Today, Represent.Us San Francisco is asking mayoral candidates to publicly endorse the vision of the American Anti-Corruption Act. Will you pledge to sponsor and/or introduce bills in the legislature that reflect the provisions of the AACA?

    The corrupt influence of money in politics is a bipartisan problem in America, affecting democratic elections at all levels of government. Constituents on both sides of the aisle recognize that our current system is broken and in desperate need of reform. Here in San Francisco, outrage about recent allegations of corruption is still fresh, and more people are becoming aware of the legalized corruption that greases the wheels of politics in our city. Thats why we formed a Represent San Francisco chapter – to pass legislation to end the undue influence of lobbyists, special interests, and big donors on our local government. (

    In the upcoming election Represent.Us San Francisco endorses proposition C. As a non profit we cannot endorse any political candidates but we can and do endorse issues and inform the public on where candidates stand on issues we care about. We want the conversation about campaign finance and corruption to be part of our mayoral race. Thats why Represent.Us San Francisco is asking every candidate to go on record on this issue.

    Our interest goes beyond this election to the coming year when we hope to give San Francisco voters the opportunity to vote on a package of ethics reforms similar to one that has been passed in other jurisdictions and similar to what once existed in San Francisco. Our efforts center around The American Anti-Corruption Act, drafted by former FEC chair Trevor Potter and vetted by constitutional lawyers. The AACA is comprehensive legislation that overhauls campaign finance, imposes strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, ends secret political money, and initiates a system of public financing of elections. ( The provisions of the Act are scalable, and can be adapted to suit the representative bodies of our city and county, and its existing public financing system. Our chapter is currently in the process of drafting a San Francisco version of the law, and our campaign is gaining traction.

    We hope you will join us in this fight to restore democracy. We will be publishing the result of our asks on our website, in social media, and to local press, and would love to have your support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our chapter if you have questions or want to discuss our campaign further. We look forward to hearing your reply.
  • commented 2015-10-02 15:50:40 -0700
    I like what I read on your platform; however, there are several topics not addressed which I would like to know your position on. What would you do to eliminate homelessness, provide adequate mental health services, legalize marijuana, and legalize prostitution?
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    I’m excited about your candidacy for mayor and how your presence will affect the outcome of the election.

    Today I’m curious about how committed you are. Do you really want to be mayor? You have a lot of great ideas on how to make San Francisco better, but I’m not familiar what you’ve done previously to improve San Francisco.

    I have a friend with multiple sclerosis that is facing eviction from his current apartment. He is in the processes of looking for a new place to live while trying to manage his condition and the debilitating pain it comes with. Is there something you can do to help out? I know you have a lot of contacts and people you are connected to that can possibly help.

    Thank you for you time and consideration. I hope to hear back from you.

    Daisy Sandoval
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    Congratulations, Francisco. AFT Local 2121 COPE has endorsed you for Mayor in the Nov. 3, 2015 elections. We’re proud to have one of our own teachers and an activist member running (or caminando) for Mayor of San Francisco.
  • commented 2015-09-01 08:03:58 -0700
    Francisco may want to update his platform to include a strong plank supporting the National Labor Relations Board ruling of Aug. 27, 2015 regarding “Browning-Ferris Industries”. The NLRB in effect prevented big corporations like temp agencies of all kinds and fast food chains from ignoring the requests of contractors, sub-contractors, and low wage earners, be they part time or full time, to form unions and engage in collective bargaining. Those people cannot be fired for doing so. The smallest group of them must be recognized by the parent companies in contract negotiations. Therefore Francisco might rally the lowest wage earners in SF, and the 1000s of contractors living in the city doing part-time work with no benefits, including undocumented workers, to consider forming or joining unions and say how as mayor he would ensure that right was vigorously exercised in SF.
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    If Francisco’s event team is recording his speeches and the campaign wants to put them on this web site, you may need a “Translator” option on the volunteer page. English <-> Spanish, of course. But in for a penny in for a pound… why not translate web site content into some of the other languages most used in San Francisco too? If “Translator” volunteers also specify which two or more languages they know well, including either English or Spanish, the campaign might persuade them to take a few hours to translate 1-2 web pages into non-English/non-Spanish and proof read it! Then a “People’s Campaign” just might get more of the diverse peoples in San Francisco involved!
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    Hola Francisco, le envie un mensaje para colaborar con su team en su esfuerzo.

    No he recibido respuesta de ellows.

  • commented 2015-08-28 09:45:08 -0700
    Hola Francisco, le envie un mensaje para colaborar con su team en su esfuerzo.

    No he recibido respuesta de ellows.

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    The United Coalition of the USA and International Parliament
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  • commented 2015-08-23 11:15:47 -0700
    Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association would like to invite you to a Meet The Candidates meeting on September 16th. Are you available on that date?
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    keep the faith and the earth will shake…courage in the face of chaos!****
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    the spanish community need this space bilingual. that way you can get more contributions from the spanish speaking people.
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    Francisco, you seem thoughtful, reasonable, and capable . . . as do some of the other rivals to Lee.

    It seems to me you contenders are each some combination of


    Unknown to more than a 1,000 voters

    Without a campaign team of more than five hardcore or paid members

    Without a startling but intelligent feature to your advocacy that sets you apart.

    Here’s what I can do: Provide a startling but intelligent feature to your advocacy.

    It’s an idea that precedes public policy. The public policy is difficult to implement at only the municipal level; it requires state law changes to be roundly enabled. However, merely articulating the idea and demonstrating that you would act to the permissible/legal limits in implementing related policy would buy you huge notoriety.

    You can see how the idea might take practical shape as a platform by visiting the website Leon is a non-existent candidate for mayor, but the platform is sincere and legal.

    The idea is simple: the value of “location, location, location” arises because of the presence of community. When compared with goods and services this distinction is significant. Goods and services are created/provided by individuals or groups of persons. The value of place is a peculiarly community-wide created something.

    Declaring that the value of place belongs to the whole community is a very different proposition than declaring that the value of goods and services belong to the whole community.

    There is a long train of logical and spiritually uplifting consequences to speaking and advocating this distinctive quality of the value of place, but I won’t weary either of us—you by reading, me by writing—with any of those

    unless the idea grabs you.

    If it does, let’s talk.

    In any event, carry on!

    David Giesen