Artbreak Final Poll

Argument for SOS San Francisco -

SOS is an immediately recognizable and powerful symbol – a call to action – to come defend San Francisco in this time of crisis. Because it is a more general name it can be an umbrella to hold a wide range of related actions that people can join in with. It is easily transferable to other cities if they wish to take it up. SOS New York, etc.

Argument for Disrupt Displacement -

The mantra of the 21st entrepreneur is disruption. This clarion call has decimated the taxi industry through Uber, diminished our housing stock through AirBnB, and completely transformed the news business, with Facebook and other new platforms continuing the disruption initiated by the advent of Craigslist.

As these new technologies surfaced and grew in popularity, they displaced jobs, homes, and the artists and artisans who have built the cultural fabric of our city. Disrupt Displacement is a week of action engineered to bring attention to the collateral damage of progress and to assert our demands for responsibility and accountability from those benefiting from the prosperity of our new economy.

Like SOS San Francisco, the Disrupt Displacement brand can be adopted in other locales; though it is admittedly not as universal as SOS, the issues of displacement are one of the central issues facing most urban areas.

Argument against SOS San Francisco:

SOS is a distress call sent to invoke the help of others nearby. It is an expression that evokes a sense that we are helpless to ensure our own survival and calling on others to rescue us. In this case, we have no one to save us but ourselves, and I think it's important to adopt a name for this action that speaks to that in an empowering way. With the exception of policing issues, I believe the central issues we are facing as a network of communities do relate to displacement in some way.

Argument against Disrupt Displacement:

Concerns with Disrupt Displacement are principally that is puts the word “displacement” right out front, making the campaign more narrow than it might otherwise be and potentially limiting its size. Also, that it sounds more abrupt and “radical,” and so may have less draw of people from the middle into the movement. It may draw more people out for the first action from those of us already committed, but we think that SOS would be more successful over the long term as a wider movement call.

What should we call our week of action?


  • answered 2016-01-12 22:07:22 -0800
    Q: What should we call our week of action?
    A: Disrupt Displacement
  • answered 2016-01-11 18:52:23 -0800
    Q: What should we call our week of action?
    A: Disrupt Displacement
  • answered 2016-01-11 14:32:34 -0800
    Q: What should we call our week of action?
    A: SOS San Francisco