April 12th Forum


Tuesday, April 12th
2940 16th St @ Capp
Room 301
Dinner 6:30pm
Meeting 7pm

1. Introduction

2. URGENT PROPOSAL-- Response to SFPD murder of Jose Luis Gongora and Mayor Lee's callous response to the events

3. AppCivist Presentation & Discussion -- a tech tool to facilitate direct democracy by supplementing discussion and decisions made at meetings

4. Proposal -- Non-urgent decision making

5. Discussion -- election project autonomy when reaching out to candidates before identifying affinity

6. Announcements

“Once the various investigations have finished collecting evidence and completed their interviews of witnesses, I will be ordering the Shotwell camp to be taken down and for it not to come back. When it comes to public safety, I’m not going to compromise with these camps.” -Mayor Ed Lee

The Mayor is so completely out of touch with reality that he sees homeless encampments as the cause of Thursday's tragic murder of an innocent man on Shotwell St. instead of a trigger-happy police force who now want to add a new weapon to their arsenal that studies have shown actually increase the rate at which cops shoot civilians -- Tasers. 

We've gone 4 months since the public execution of Mario Woods was captured for the world to see, with everyone from the Police Chief to the Mayor paying lip service to the idea of reforms and "taking time and distance" when approaching a suspect with a possible edged weapon. And last week we learned that in fact NO changes have been made within the SFPD culture and even more racist and homophobic texts have come to light simultaneously. 

It is time that we lobby the Board of Supervisors and supervisorial candidates for a Vote of No Confidence in Mayor Lee and Chief Suhr, as well as begin the process of police disarmament so that our officers can focus on developing life-preserving de-escelation skills that will actually protect the public instead of playing judge, jury, and executioner in the street. 

In addition to this proposal, we'll be hearing from about a democracy-centric tech tool called AppCivist so we can discuss the possibility of beta testing the platform. We'll also seek to gain consensus around non-urgent proposals and discuss what kind of autonomy the election team has when approaching candidates before we've established organizational affinity. 

Join us to nourish our bodies with delicious food and to heal our community with consensus-driven action. 

About The People's Campaign & Vote 123 SF:

Throughout 2015, grassroots movements began growing in exponential numbers around the country. In San Francisco, the People's Campaign and Vote 1-2-3 SF started as efforts to oust incumbent Mayor Ed Lee in November. Our coalition candidates recognized that with a united effort we could gain more common ground toward our vision of the City.

Once it was clear that the effort to replace the mayor was much closer than the establishment expected, these twin campaigns merged to continue the work of re-empowering the people of San Francisco and building a progressive coalition around the many urgent issues we face today. Under the banner of the People's Campaign, Vote 123 SF and other projects will strive for direct democracy both in our communities and within our organization.

We have been exposed to weak, top-down government rule for decades that has deeply disenfranchised the majority of San Franciscans. It’s time to grow true local direct democracy from the ground up. Let’s join together this coming Monday February 1st, to begin sowing the seeds to grow that new democracy.

Accessibility: The Redstsone Building is 1 short block from the 16th St BART Station, as well as the MUNI lines running down 16th St & Mission St. There is a wheelchair accessible elevator and bathrooms. Spanish translation will be available. 


Foro y orden del día para la reunión de noche martes 12 de abril de 2016
Dirección: 2940 16 Street, Sala 301
Cena 6:30 p.m. Junta 7:00 p.m.

1. Introducción





6. Anuncios y asuntos varios.

Únase a nosotros para la cena y la organización de la comunidad!

Campaña Popular.
Vote 123 San Francisco

Durante el 2015 los movimientos sociales de los Estados Unidos lograron aumentar su presencia y en San Francisco, a través de la Campaña Popular – Vote 1-2-3, se iniciaron esfuerzos para buscar la salida del alcalde Ed Lee y derrotarlo en las elecciones de noviembre. Los candidatos de la coalición y la oposición reconocieron que con esfuerzos unificados y con iniciativas de carácter común encaminadas hacia la construcción de una visión de ciudad, se podrían obtener resultados necesarios para lograr cambios importantes.

En las elecciones quedó plenamente demostrado que las comunidades de la ciudad de San Francisco exigen un cambio en la gobernabilidad y que los esfuerzos para reemplazar al alcalde no fueron en vano, si no, por el contrario, el empoderamiento de estas organizaciones, las fuerzas sociales que claman por mejorar la calidad de vida de sus habitantes y la construcción de una coalición progresista, están mucho más cerca de transformar los problemas que aquejan a la ciudad y que son de carácter estructural, con proyectos y rutas alternativas a través del énfasis sociocultural y económico y que se deben implementar de forma urgente.

Hemos estado expuestos a la marginalidad y a las reglas impuestas por el gobierno, desde arriba hacia abajo, de una forma vertical y unilateral durante décadas, que ha marginado profundamente y privado los derechos a la mayoría de los residentes de San Francisco. Es tiempo de crear una verdadera democracia local, parcipitiva y horizontal desde el principio. Unámonos para comenzar a sembrar las semillas que generen esa nueva democracia, con un estado social de derecho.

La accesibilidad: El Edificio Redstone es un bloque de calle corta de la estación de BART, también las rutas de Muni sobre las calles 16 y Mission. El edificio tiene los ascensores para las sillas de ruedas por subir arriba. Habrá el traducción en español.

April 11, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
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