I am running for Mayor of San Francisco to bring the wisdom of San Francisco’s neighborhoods to City Hall.

San Francisco is changing, but it doesn’t have to be for the worse. With leadership that values affordability, cultural heritage, and equity, the City can continue to grow. But it can evolve without the displacement of those who have built their lives here or destroying the fabric that makes San Francisco so wonderful.

The difference between myself and other candidates  is that the value I place in community voices over the desires of a handful of wealthy elite.

My campaign is committed to building affordable housing, community policing, funding community needs, and protecting the integrity of our diverse neighborhoods. As a community activist connected with movements across San Francisco, I know that there are solutions to the challenges we face if we open City Hall to the people.

Join this campaign and take back the City we love and call home.

To learn more about me and my positions, please listen to the campaign theme song and read a speech I gave on September 10, 2015 to the League of Women Voters.

Francisco Herrera



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